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The EOS team have a mix of lived and professional experience to identify the needs of prison leavers

This enables us to give support in each of the seven pathways to reducing offending. We aim to offer an all round service to help support all service users.
We will improve access to the support pathways by developing a detailed understanding of the support available in these areas, establishing relationships with the people who can help and by using this knowledge to put to together a personalised support package for each of our clients.

Ideally, this process will start before the client leaves prison and will continue for a year after their release. As we intend EOS to be a business run by its clients, we will always look to identify any of our clients who could be recruited and trained to create additional capacity within the business.

The  approach we have developed and continue to improve provides a three-stage service:

At EOS we recognise that each client is unique and this focus on the individual, their needs, capabilities and aspirations, helps ensure their positive engagement.
Our approach will help each client to identify and access their chosen field, based on our experience of how we overcame the challenges of being released back into society.
During the final phase of the programme, which will continue until twelve months after release, The mentoring team at EOS will maintain contact through short monthly catch-up meetings and be available to respond to any ad hoc request that may arise.

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